I am Only One….

I sit at my desk yesterday afternoon eating a turkey sandwich and wasting time flipping through Facebook, the devil’s playground as The Mister refers to it. Between pictures of people’s food, my gorgeous great-niece and a bazillion pictures of snow I see something my dear friend Dannielle has posted. I click on the link and drop my sandwich……

For some reason, this story, this day makes me cry. I watch as the little bitty babies  slaughtered with no one to stand up for them. Surely the Father welcomes them into His arms. I am no longer hungry. I push a half eaten sandwich to the side and walk down the hall.  All afternoon I think about the twenty-one Christians  beheaded.  I think about how  I opt in and out of church on any given Sunday based on the weather or my mood.

I hear God whisper to me “These are my people.’  I’ve been down this road before, I know what He is doing. I pull my laundry list of ministry out and hold it up for Him to see. I remind Him that I am already busy with His work. and He says, “Don’t let your heart be cold for the fatherless. Don’t forsake the persecuted brothers and sisters who martyred in My name.”  And I know God has not come to fill me with guilt but rather to motivate me to action, like He has done before.

I am only one…..but I can do something.

Because our day is coming. How foolish to believe that we are somehow exempt from persecution here with our steeples and vacation bible schools.

And I tell God this morning, I’m only one…but I can do something. And really, what more does He want than willingness?

And you are only one, but you can do something and maybe you already are. And maybe you will message me and share how you are helping to carry the burden of the persecuted church…….

 I can’t stop ISIS.  I can’t fix what is wrong in our government. I can’t adopt every orphan I see. But I can do something. So can you.  God does not exempt any of us from suffering…..


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