Givers and Takers

There are two types of people in this world….givers and takers. Yes, I know that is a gross oversimplification but truly most people can be dumped into one of these two groups.  When it’s all said and done, you give or take. You consume or contribute.  There are times when we do some of both, but most of us tend to live on side or the other of the gate called generosity. And just so we are clear, I’m not talking about material things, although that certainly plays into the thought process of both the giver and taker.

Takers carefully weigh out the parts so everyone gets an equal share.  Givers hold things with open hands. Easy come, easy go.  Givers figure if someone else gets more it’s just because God knew they needed more than them.

Takers want to know the how and if’s and why’s of their contribution.  They need to make sure they are not being cheated in any way.It’s important for them to weigh out the pros and cons. Givers need you to hurry up and take what they offer so they can move on to the next person that needs blessing. The days are short. They know tomorrow is not an option. They have the intense need to bless others today. They leave the outcomes whether fair or not up to God.  They understand that their job is to give. It’s up to God to give the increase.

Takers sit in their corner of their world waiting on people to come to them.  They never say , “How are you?” because frankly, they don’t care. Givers stop what they are doing and look in your eyes and ask, “How can I help you?”. They understand that people and relationships are important.  Givers are OK with calls in the middle of the night. They call life’s bumps “opportunities” not “interruptions”.

Takers are friends with people who can benefit them. When the benefit runs out, so does the friendship. Givers are friends with….well usually everyone, because everyone loves them.

Takers are always waiting on the next big thing. Givers live in the moment. Takers use people to get things,. Givers use things to get to people. And the best news is this: If you find yourself to be a Taker it’s not a permanent condition. Unlike the color of your eyes, or the slant of your nose, being a Taker is not a genetic decision. Oh sure, you may come from a long line of takers, who taught you how to look out for yourself, but it doesn’t have to be a choice set in stone.

Giving takes work, but it is worth it. You are rewarded in deep friendships, less stress, a more positive outlook on life. And mostly? a “job well done” by the One Who Matters Most.

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