Hey promise me something…..

Ever been lied to? It’s painful especially if the liar is someone you love.  What can be just as painful is recounting the times when we have lied, whether or not it was ever discovered. The shame that goes with getting caught and the anxiety in waiting for it to catch up with us both make lying a no-win situation.  And maybe that reality is what allows us to forgive.  Please stand up if you have never told a lie….. and that stone cold silence is the entire room of us finding lint to pick to avoid eye contact.  Because in our natural sinful state, we are as about as trustworthy as a used care salesman.

Except for Jesus, the only Man who never lied, not even exaggerated.  Not once. He did not need to.  Jesus does not have the need to feel better about Himself. He never arranged His words in such a careful way as to cast the best possible light on His actions.  He did not use extreme flattery to garner the approval of the Pharisees, or his disciples.  He never once, not one time looked out for himself and bent the truth.  And we know this because all the Fullness of Truth was embodied in his flesh.  His Father told  him what to say and that is all he spoke, clear unadulterated TRUTH.

His Father after all, is the Great Covenant Keeper.  God goes to great lengths to make covenant with man. What a risk, because I can tell you from a look in the first few chapters of the Bible, man fails miserably in keeping his part of the bargain. From fathering children by a handmaid, to creating a calf of gold, we proved ourselves early on  unable to keep a promise.  Yet He, with everything to lose, and me with everything to gain enter into covenant, this awkward contract in which He promises everything and I take it all with nothing only giving myself in return.

And even then I doubt.

Hey promise me something……..don’t make me any promises and I’ll do the same for you.  Instead, turn the pages of the Oldest Book written by the Truth Teller.  Read how He walks between the animals in sacred covenant with Abram.  Look up after a rain and see the bow stretch from one end of the gloomy sky to the other and know He is a Promise Keeper.  Tonight go outside and count the stars and feel the weight of His people.  This life is so very short and then the next.  And he waits for us, full of the promises and fulfills His covenant by the terms of His holiness.

And then we have no reason to doubt.



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