Freely Giving All Things

Sometimes in our human attempts to understand God, we define Him in terms that we can understand. In doing so, we never fully grasp the infinite wonder of God.  This morning I read from my favorite chapter in Romans….chapter 8. It lovingly reassures me of the love this Great God has for me then suddenly the author Paul grabs me  the shoulders and gives me a firm shake. A shake that rattle my teeth and makes my spiritual eyes bug open.

He who did not spare His own SON, but gave Him up for us all–how will he not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”

Suddenly God is sitting here beside me in the living room at 6AM. He runs His finger along the verse and then looks at me and asks, “If I gave you Jesus what would I ever want to withhold from you?  When did you begin to doubt that I am able, that I am willing to work out miracles for you?  When did I become smaller than the way of redemption?”

In that moment I realize that my doubt and unbelief are the enemies of the miracles that He has planned for my life.  Do I believe Him to be stingy with His love? No, never. Do I believe my needs to great than His all-sufficient goodness? No, never. Do I believe that He only does miracles for ones who are worthy? Because none of us are. No, not one.

And in those early morning minutes, He shows me that salvation is the beginning and that He freely gives to His daughter all she will ask for in HIS name.  I start by asking Him to help me believe and increase my faith, because even in His generosity, He provides the faith needed to accept His gifts.

Because if He gave His Son, what could he possibly withhold? Forgiveness? No never. Faith? No never? Wisdom? No never.

Who is this God that loves us so? No other god is as generous and loving as our God!


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