Take it as it Comes

In three hours I will say goodbye to 2014 and hello to ’15.  To be more accurate I will rub my foot on the back of The Mister’s long leg in an attempt to quiet his snoring. We will have long since been tucked in here in the Tennessee mountains when the first few minutes of 2015 begin. And he will grunt and roll over and pat me and I will kiss him and say “Happy New Year Mister”. He will mumble something unintelligible that I will pretend is an ” I love you” and while he goes back to snoring, I will make a mental list of my resolutions for 2015. Things like learn how to make biscuits, run a marathon, knit something spectacular and be a better friend….to The Mister mostly but to lots of others too.

In the morning I will ask him what his new years resolution is for 2015. He will look at me and smile and say, “Hmmm, I haven’t really thought about it much.  I don’t guess I ever really make resolutions. I’ll just take it as it comes.”

And therein lies one of the fundamental differences between me and The Mister.  I suppose that the breaking of a new year fresh with promise demands a commitment to some sort of preconceived idea.  People who don’t make goals never reach them or so I’ve been told. But the Mister? He met every one of his goals in 2014.  He never set the first one.

He took it as it came. He finished school and passed his nursing boards., He started a new career. He taught me that life is about new starts and goodbyes. He let go of his little girls hands and cried when they were not looking. He made me laugh and laugh.  But he never set a goal, he just took it as it came.

I’m thinking that this year, I may just take it as it comes.

Instead of committing to learning to make biscuits that melt in your mouth and rivals his mamas, I may just take it as it comes even if that means  double fiber wheat toast in the mornings and Cracker Barrel on those nights when I want some southern goodness. If I do master the art of biscuit making it’ll just be a plus.

I will try to run a marathon. It’s been a few years since I trained that hard and I miss long runs but I may just take it as it comes. If I find myself in a coffee shop on a Saturday morning with a friend  in deep conversation over our lattes then that is where I was supposed to be.  Building relationships instead of logging miles around Lakeport. If I convince one of my running friends to run and chat then I may just finish that 26.2 in April after all. Either way I win.

If I take it as it comes, there’s a little more time for long walks and less time spent managing my minutes down to the second. There will be less disappointment and more surprises.  Taking as it comes means that if the biscuits turn out heavy and flat, The Mister will tease me and make me laugh and life will go on.  Taking as it comes means that I learn to roll with the punches in life that sometimes hurt alot more than a burnt  biscuit.

We can make all sorts of plans, all kinds of goals, all manner of resolutions, but in the end only the plans of the Lord will stand and those can’t be altered, changed or destroyed by mere man. ( Proverbs 19:21)

Maybe the cure for my impatient, far-fetched imagination is to be more like The Mister. Maybe this year I will just take it as it comes. Maybe I will just see what happens.  Maybe I will find a decent recipe for a biscuit after all.


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