This Christmas season God has been whispering small secrets in my ear.  Sometimes He does that. I’m sure He has whispered little secrets to you as well, hints of a greater something. This Christmas season He tells me tidbits about bread of all things….

The Preacher Man opens John 6 on a winter Sunday morning and tells us of the Bread of Life that comes down to man. The fragrance of warm fresh bread falls around us as he explains that the Son of Man has come to satisfy that deep hunger  and I leave strangely both satisfied yet hungry for more of this Bread of Life…..

This Bread of Life came to us in a small unassuming town of Bethlehem whose very name means ” City of Bread”.  The One that deserves opulence and pageantry instead enters in simplest of all places.  No fine wines or rich meats but simple bread.  And this simple town of Bread opens its arms to receive a Savior and finds that bread is enough.  Because after all, man was made for endurance not feasting. God is interested in sustaining you.  He does it in the simplest yet most profound ways.

The Bread of Life walks among us and takes two small loaves and turns it into a multitude of sustenance for our hungry souls.  What do you need?  He will feed you.  He breaks off the crusty edge of a warm loaf dips it in the sweet Honey of the Word and places it in our hungry mouths.

The Bread of Life satisfies us with Himself and we find ourselves sleepy and content in His arms of mercy as He carries us through whatever is troublesome in our lives.  He does not leave his own children begging for bread, no never. How could He? How could the Great Supplier ever turn a deaf ear to His child? So ask, it’s yours for the asking, You, His child will always find what you need in Him.

And so I find that  as I connect the dots and dig deeper in his Word the secret of bread unfolds like a red Christmas ribbon to show me a gift of Bread.  I have no need to worry. I have no need to fear for those I love. The Bread of Life will feed us till we want no more.

Who knew that “Oh Little town of Bethlehem” is actually the “City of Bread” where all our wants find a home?  And I am  a simple woman of bread, in which the Bread of Life dwells. I want for nothing. He satisfies me completely.


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