You Can Always Come Home

Sometimes it’s important to know you can always come home. Sometimes it’s important to say it. You can always come home.

If your big plans work out and you accomplish everything you dream you will, We will celebrate with you….. but if you need a breather… can always come home.

If you finally realize that you’ve got what it takes to do what it is you’ve always wanted that will be me on the sidelines waving my hands and cheering you on with “I knew it! I knew you could do it.”… but if you ever need time to regroup for a bit…….you can always come home.

If you find out that life is hard but you are tougher, you will know what I have figured out long ago….but if you need somewhere to clean up your scrapes and cuts….you can always come home.

Home is where you have a warm bed and a full belly. Home is where sometimes you don’t have to answer questions and you can melt into my arms and be held. Home is where you are never to old or too big to crawl up in my lap and cry or laugh or lay your head on my shoulder while I run my fingers through your long hair and rub your back.

I have a feeling that you will never need to come home….but I sure hope you want to….


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