Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t.
I know that is a weird thing to say at a wedding, but the truth is, “love at first sight” does not tell the whole story. And my friends Becki and Jared? They have quite a love story to tell….

“Love at first sight” doesn’t tell you about an 18 year old girl that came to town with stars in her eyes and big dreams of becoming a teacher and marrying “Mr. Right”. She became a teacher and waited on “Mr. Right” because not just any man would do. Her friends found their “Mr. Right” and she waited…..and waited….and one day, she grew tired of waiting and she said to God, “Have you forgotten me? Do you even know where I am?” and God said, ” I haven’t forgotten you Child, and I know exactly where you are, I am right here with you.”
And that day, the girl stopped waiting and started living. She did brave and courageous things. She bought a house. She traveled around the world. And best of all? She fell in love…..with God. And the deeper she fell in love with God, the more she realized that she had found Mr. Right. She did not need a man. God was enough. She was happy. She loved her life, exactly how it was.

“Love at First sight” does not tell you the story of a young boy who loved God with all his heart. He had big dreams too of becoming a missionary and traveling to dangerous places all over the world, maybe flying his own plane to get there, sharing the gospel with all sorts of people. Somewhere along the way, he got a little sidetracked. He took some left turns instead of right. He went off road it was bumpy and hard. One day he found himself at the edge of a cliff, holding his broken heart in his hands. He looked up and asked God, “Have you forgotten about me? Do You even know where I am?” and God said, ” No, I haven’t forgotten you. I know exactly where you are….I’m not lost….you are.” And that day the boy let God take him by the shoulder and lead him back home. And it was hard. And he took right turns instead of left until he was back where he belonged.

“Love and first sight” doesn’t tell you that this boy and girl, who now through all their difficult times had become a man and a woman, found themselves surrounded by a community of people who loved God, and loved them. And sometimes love needs a push. Sometimes love needs a little shove and that is what they got from their friends. And the man and woman? They became friends and then one day not so long ago, they decided life would be better together instead of alone. That is where we find ourselves today, celebrating their wedding.

Becki and Jared, on your wedding day I would love to give you some words of wisdom like “There will still be hard days ahead” but you already know that. See, the truth is you have given all of us wisdom. You have taught us things like, He who starts a work in you will complete it, that God is faithful, that God gives second and third chances…..and for that I am so thankful. You have taught us that difficult times in life are not meant to be solved, rather they are a measuring stick of the grace of God in our lives.

So instead, I will use the words of my beloved Mister, who I happen to love dearly and who also happens to be an expert in love. When he looks at these tow he says, “Becki and Jared? Well, they are perfect for each other and them getting married? Well it tickles me to death.”



One thought on “Do you believe in love at first sight?

  1. Stephanie,
    I bawled reading this. Exactly what I went through. Who would think a 54 yo woman would get married–finally? But it WAS in God’s perfect PERFECT time. I’ve never been so happy as I have been with Randy. He was worth my long wait. He completes me and is a gem of a man. Your Mister sounds special and I hope to meet him someday.
    Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing them. Love you

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