Anybody else homesick?

Anybody besides me sick of “life as we know it?”

Anybody else feeling more than a little homesick for a city whose Author and Finisher is God?

Anybody besides me ready for no night, no need for the sun because HE is the light?

Anybody else besides me feel the confusion of seeing through the glass darkly, but longing with everything inside of me to see Him face to face?

Anybody else beside me feel suffocated by the stench of sickness and death, or poverty and hatred, of every empty promise of the Great Liar?

Anybody else besides me just tired? Just tired

Anybody else besides me homesick for Jesus?

Oh I know His grace is sufficient and I know there is work to do. I know we can’t give up, not yet and I know that He is enough. But today? Well I guess I’m just a little homesick today.  Today, I’m thinking about my citizenship in a place where my Savior sits next to The Father and eagerly waits to come rescue me.  I’m homesick for a Face I’ve never seen but know the Voice so well. I’m missing people who are already there.  I’m feeling an indescribable urge to run my fingers along nail scars and feel the warmth of redemption in those crevices.  I feel an ache to lay my face against His chest and breath in the scent of Him and Heaven.

Anybody else homesick?


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