Better all the time

Hey Mister,

You know after these years it really is true……You just get better all the time…..

Even today, when you impatiently huff at the college kids in line in front of us and mutter things like “dadgum idiots” under your breath, yeah even then, I know that you have gotten more and more patient with me over the years. You finally gave up on trying to change me and decided to just love me and that my love, makes you better all the time……

And when you refuse to be warm and fuzzy with Big Girl and Baby Girl’s boys, I smile.  I know that behind that scowl is a  smile that lights up when you see the curly red headed kids at Wal-Mart and tell me, ” That’s what our grandbaby is gonna look like”. Has time softened you? I think so and I love that you just get better all the time…….

Is your irritation with drivers of all sorts because you have  spent the reserves of your gentleness explaining things like restoring hotrods, the basics of football or the difference between a miter and saws-all again and again to me without a hint of frustration? Probably so and that means you’ve just gotten better over time…..

Maybe the reason you can see right through a fake, call a scam when you see it and keep me from believing everything I see and hear is because no one takes care of me the way you do? Yep, after all these years, I know I can do anything if you are beside me, no one has my back like you do cause you get better all the time……

Would I want to go back?  Relive the early years?  Why would I?  Just today I heard you read my mind without saying one word. Nope, you have gotten better after all this time…….

I think we are gonna make it after all.


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