Wisdom on a Wednesday…

Here are a few tidbits for you to pick up and put in your pocket….or leave right here on the page….either way is fine with me….

1. At the end of the day, no matter how good your intentions are, it’s probably not a good idea to give parenting advice if it is unsolicited, especially if you do not have children. No matter how open minded most of us claim to be, if you point out the faults of my kid, it’s going to make me defensive.

2. Most people that struggle with substance abuse of any kind are self-medicating. No one wants to be an addict. It is usually an attempt to ease pain somewhere in their life. Addictive practices bring a short burst of relief in a painful world. Addressing the pain is the only thing that can bring true release from addiction.

3. Concentrate on identifying and understanding the Underlying Issue. Deep breath and back up. Take in the whole picture, beyond just your point of view and the hows and whys of others actions are alot easier to understand. This saves you from expending unnecessary energy on anger and you can move on when you understand hurt people, hurt people. You are free to avoid them without being angry with them.

4. When you get home today, don’t get on Facebook or twitter, in fact just turn your phone off. Play with your kids, talk to your husband. Make some good memories and then keep them in your heart. Resist the urge to dump them in your status or tweet them to the world. The gems that hold the deepest value are rare….just like your memories….

5. Love whoever your kids love, because they will choose them, not you every time….so don’t make them choose. The Mister always smiles and says “What do I care? I’m going home with you, not them!”

6. The flu shot does not contain live virus and cannot make you sick. You may have already been sick when you got it, but it did not make you sick. Get a flu shot. If for no other reason for everyone around you that you could infect with your crud this winter.

7. Feeling a little unsure of yourself? Take this last piece of advice from my friend Chris whose wife asked him “What if we screw up?” to which he replied, “We will, but it will be OK.” Good Word Chris. We all screw up, live through it, get back up and do just fine.


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  1. diane

    I agree with everything but the flu shot! lol And, I’m a nurse. I tell my doc, I don’t take what I might not get, he just smiles like you’re probably doing now!! Love ya, Steph !!!

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