There’s a miracle in the making……

Since when did you become cynical? When did you stop believing in miracles? Did the weight of heartache make you a skeptic of divine intervention? Did the timetable of God leave you refusing to believe in His abilities? Did you stop believing because the disappointment from dashed hopes leave you just too exhausted to understand that He holds all power in His hands? Have you prayed and prayed but still you have no answer?

Does a lack of water into wine or withered hands restored in front of your eyes make you wary of any claims of immediate healing? Do you believe that God sits on his hands in 2014 and watches from His divine bleachers, cheering us on, but not really active in the nitty gritty acts of life changing intervention?

My friend tells me of her miracle. She finds herself in spiritual warfare of the deadliest kind. She fights for her child. Nothing stirs the savage in a woman than the threat of harm to her child. Even if the threat is wielded by Satan himself. She has been knocked down so many times in this struggle she does not know if she can stand anymore. These days she drags her sword behind her and her prayers resemble whimpers instead of confident promises. She is desperate need of a miracle.

And today she receives her miracle.

An angel, or maybe the Son of God Himself walks into her life, clasps her hand and speaks a blessing over her and her child. To others it looks like nothing more than an elderly woman carrying on a conversation with my friend while she shops, but to those of us who believe in the power of God to do more than we can ask or imagine, it is HIM.

She receives that blessing and it leaves her speechless. When she finds her voice, just like a healed leper, she shares with everyone this thing that was done on an ordinary Friday by a God who is Anything but Ordinary.

Maybe you don’t believe in miracles because you try to dictate to God how you want Him to perform, calling Him impotent when He does not respond as you command. Oh friend, God will not be bossed around like a cosmic Santa but He is anxiously watching for a reason to act on the behalf of those who believe.

And as I listen to my friend tell me about her miracle it makes me laugh from the sheer joy of seeing God work on her behalf! I stand in my laundry room with tears running down my face, hands extended in praise to One Who wrought a miracle this day. And as I load a washing machine full with dirty towels, I begin to sing this old old song..

.There’s a miracle, in the making….one just for you The Father is working even now…your prayers have been heard and the answers on the way….there’s a miracle in the making for you today…


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