hey you….thirty-two year old Stephanie…listen up…

Yeah, you think you got all your bases covered. Well sit down, there are a couple things I think you should know. What’s that? You don’t have time to sit and chat? Park it sister. I know you better than you know yourself and if you will shut up and listen I can save you some blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve been thinking about you from where I am in your future. The forty-five year old me doesn’t have what I’d call regrets, but maybe more like “pointers” if you will.

That man over there sitting in the recliner who just got in from Horton Homes? Yeah, the young version of The Mister? The guy that still smells like work and has dried glue all over his hands and tried to kiss you but you were too busy? The one who wanted to tell you about his day, but you waved him off and asked him to clean up the dog vomit off the kitchen floor? Yeah him. Go sit down and look into his eyes and listen to every detail of his day. Let the kids scream, let the dog keep eating trash, let the phone ring and the biscuits burn. That man is your best friend. He wants you to enter into his world. He’s pretty clumsy at sweet words and remembering to tell you how pretty you are, but you are his reason for living. He breaks his neck everyday, sweating it out with a hundred other rednecks at the plant just to make you proud. All he wants is a little more attention than you give anyone else. And listen up girl, he’s worth the work. Quit keeping score and for the love of God, don’t roll your eyes when he pats your behind. There are a couple of tramps down at the plant who would gladly keep him entertained, but he wants you. After two babies, a climb in and back out of debt, a couple of heartbreaks in twenty-two years he is still gonna hold your hand on the way home. Take care of him. He is the best part of your world.

When you are forty-five you’ll be glad that even though the girls are grown and gone, he is still here….right beside you eating cornbread and butter beans on a Sunday night. He will tell you about his day and it will make you smile to know you are his first choice for sharing everything in his world. He will plan the weekend around the scenic route because he knows you love the mountains and want to stop and wander through a general store tucked away on Main Street.   He will ask you if you want a hamburger because he knows today is cheat day on your diet. He will listen to you sing the harmony parts with the radio and say “That’s good singing, Baby”. He will look at you across the room at a wedding and grin. He decided never to leave a long time ago. He is the staying kind. He’s worth it. Love him girl and love him good. He is the best gift this side of heaven God has given you.

Oh and one other thing? Ask his aunt to teach you how to make biscuit this summer. You won’t be known for your biscuit making skills when you are forty-five……just sayin’.



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  1. diane

    This was good ! I’ll visit again.

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