I got some things I need to get done

This morning, a cloudy muggy August Sunday, I am relieved to walk in the church and let the blast of cool air hit me. It blows away the sweat that has started from the short walk in from the car. The ushers meet us in the back and shake our hands while simultaneously stuffing a bulletin, a mainstay of every Baptist church, into our hands. I make my way in through the Sunday School folks that are jockeying for the cream of the crop mid-way back seats. I look back for The Mister and he has stopped and is talking to an old friend. He is nodding his head and his face is bent to catch the quiet words coming from his friend. I join them in time to hear his friend say, “I know I don’t have a long time and I got some things I need to get done.” Just like that he tells The Mister that he knows the truth of his days being numbered. His only response is the declaration that he has some things he needs to get done. The Mister wraps his big arms around the man and tells him he loves him and is praying, because what else is there to say?

We find our seats and join in the singing. Even though my lips move with the words of one of my favorites,  my mind is whirring with the words “I’ve got some things I need to get done”. I suddenly feel like I need to sit down so the spinning will stop and I look across the crowd and see The Mister’s friend. He has sat down himself with his head leaning against his wife.  I whisper, “O Jesus, let  him get it all done”, because I know his days are numbered just like mine and none of us go “too soon”.

Pastor John tells us that the Most Needed thing is knowing God. Everything else matters little. When held up in the face of weeks or months and even years, what matters more than knowing God?

Maybe the deep knowing and loving of the Father is what gives us the urgency of “I’ve got some things I need to get done”.   Johnny Mac speaks into the morning crowd urging us to count all things as unimportant beyond knowing God and loving Him with all our being. I wonder then if I too, need to get some things done. Maybe its time for me to get real about learning to know this God that loves both me and The Mister’s friend with a savage, relentless love.

The preacher is telling me now that just like Martha, God does not need my direction or dictates, but wants me to know Him.  I wonder how my heart can so quickly become cold. As I sit and the words hit me square on, I realize I too have some things I need to get done. I need to fall in love with The One that loves me more. I need to get busy with treasuring His Words beyond my daily bread. I need to follow His lead in the areas that I close off to Him.

The service has ended, I walk out the door and as I do, I catch the eye of The Mister’s friend. I give him a wave. I know that he has no idea how his words turned my Sunday upside down, but maybe he does. Maybe he is already getting things checked off that to-do list. Loving and knowing. Telling and sharing. We both have some things we need to get done.


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