1.How did you get started writing a blog?
My blog did not come from my wish to educate others on effective parenting, running, knitting or anything of the sort. My blog grew from the worst emotional year of my entire life….2009. After reaching my wit’s end and The Mister encouraging or rather forcing me to go to counseling I made a life changing discovery: Journaling is by far the most effective means of restoring mental, emotional and spiritual health. It certainly changed my life. This blog grew from the journaling that never seemed to stop. It covered several spiral-bound notebooks and eventually spilled over to my cyber domain where I found wonderful place to write my thoughts.  Fears lessen when put down in written form, just as blessings seem oh.. so much bigger when I read them weeks or months and now even years later.


2. How do you know what to write about?

If you have you read any of my posts, they are just a compilation of my thoughts about life. Simple things mostly because that is what I find most interesting like : what I think about when I run, what I read that morning in my Scripture reading, or heard my pastor say. I write about the people I love: The Mister, Big Girl and Baby Girl. I write about my worries and my triumphs. I write about how my patients make me feel, what frustrates me and what brings me joy in caring for other people at this most basic level as a nurse. I write about knitting or my dogs. Nothing flashy or spectacular because my life is neither of those things. My life is simple.

Sometimes an idea will strike me at the oddest times. Words in a conversation or a song will bring an avalanche of emotion or thoughts. I’ve learned to stop and scratch it down so I can revisit it later when I have time to explore the details of its meanings.  If a phrase echos in my mind it will become a journal topic at some point.

Writing is a magnificent tool for processing.  When I am having a difficult time understanding life or maybe just someone’s ideas or even more basic, their words, I journal those things. Writing organizes thoughts and as those who struggle with ADD can understand, it can be a circus inside the mind at times. Writing tends to line up the lions and tigers and bears into a sort of  organized chaos.

Some of my favorite moments occur when I hear a line of a song in church and furiously pen them down on a gum wrapper from my purse or stop The Mister in midsentence and ask him to repeat that phrase so I can make sure I got it exactly how he said it on the back of a Kroger receipt.

Writing is an outlet for me. I taught Sunday School for many years and that was my outlet.  What I learned  and felt so passionate about was given in detail to my girls every Sunday complete with hand motions and walking in  circles around the room. I miss that. So much. Writing is now a good outlet for really good things I hear and learn that are just too good not to be shared.

3.Why don’t you write a book?

My blog posts are my thoughts expressed more for my own pleasure than anything else. Some of the most therapeutic writings for me have  gone unnoticed and without comment.  I don’t write everyday because some days I don’t have anything to say, but when I do I write.  I write for myself and if people read and enjoy it that is a compliment of the highest form. When no one pays any attention it is no less essential than the former, because the words where for me. I sorted out how I felt. I made some organization of the chaos in my mind. If you happen to enjoy the process I am delighted, but if no one pays two cents of attention I am still gratified by what I wrote.

When you write for pure enjoyment, you own it.  I don’t want anyone else to critique my heartfelt thoughts. It would make me cry. Call me sensitive because I guess I am.   The beauty of the internet blog is that you can make yourself oblivious to who reads or even cares what you write. And that takes the work and makes it joy.

4. Does The Mister, Big Girl or Baby Girl read your blog?

Sometimes I make The Mister listen to a portion that I think is exceptionally good, so not very often. I doubt The Girls would find it either therapeutic or entertaining. They would probably find it more along the lines of embarrassing or outright humiliating.  Their tolerance for my wisdom can only be doled out in small doses so I leave that for the important things in life.

5.Would you rather knit or run?

Knit. I have knit everyday since 2009. Every. Single.Day. It is the purest form of creativity beside writing I have ever experienced.





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  1. diane

    Touching! I will visit again.

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