Anything will work, but nothin’ ain’t gonna do

I’m glad I’m a southern girl who spent her life hearing the old folks say things like….”madder than a wet hen” or ” one in the hand’s worth two in the bush” or The Mister’s favorite “grinnin’ like a jacksass eatin’ briars”.

Inside the word picture is a tidbit of wisdom that speaks volumes if you will listen. This week my dear friend, whom I affectionately call Little T….mainly because she barely hits the five foot mark but is a sassy southern girl, shared this bit of wisdom in regards to exercise…”anything will work, but nothin’ ain’t gonna do”.

Ahhh Little T, how true I find your words and in far more in this life than just exercise….

There are times when nuthin’ ain’t gonna do. You cannot afford to just sit there. Good intentions don’t count. Positive thoughts are not enough. Hurting people are not mind readers. Get up. Do something. In fact,  anything will do.

There is no need to have the perfect words to mend a broken heart, but nuthin’ ain’t gonna do. Heartache needs someone to hug it away.

You don’t have to run a marathon, but nuthin’ ain’t gonna do. Sometimes a short walk is all you need. It does more for the spirit than the body.

Friendships don’t require daily conversations, but nuthin’ ain’t gonna do. If you want to maintain relationships, they require care. You can’t be too busy to nurture a friendship or like seedling in a drought it will shrivel up and die.

Sometimes we think life is all or nothing……but nuthin’ain’t gonna do. Sometimes anything will work. If doesn’t have to be fabulous or extravagant. It can be simple like a text, a smile, or a hug. Anything will work, but nuthin’ ain’t gonna do….


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