Some things need to be said

There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as that split second in which the internal debate is set off in your brain…… to say what is in your heart or to let the moment go by in silence. There are many reasons why we choose to keep some thoughts to ourselves. There is a benefit in holding those thoughts inside and just letting a smile be a response. Many times a hug that envelopes a hurting friend does more to comfort than any words could do. The Mister is a man of few words, which is a big reason why I love him so. When he says it, he means it. Sometimes I have sat in the quietness of the night and replayed the episode of conflict that occurred a few hours earlier and been overwhelmingly thankful for keeping my mouth shut.

But sometimes…..some things need to be said.

Sometimes people just need to know….

This week, a dear friend sent me a message. It was perhaps that most beautiful note I have ever received. In it she told me how dear our friendship is to her. She told me the ways I have affected her life. She ended it with this line….
“some things just need to be said.” I have never doubted that this dear one loves me but in a few words she tightened the bond of our friendship in a way that made me very thankful to be loved by this old friend.

And perhaps all of us feel some things that need to be said.

Some say talk is cheap. I say words can heal.

My Big Girl looks up from her computer as I come in her room. She asks me what I want. “I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. I can see how hard you are working. You are doing really good.”
She rolls her eyes. She acts as if she doesn’t want me to say this….but some things need to be said. I don’t give her advice. Not tonight. There are some words that need to be said and we are both are glad I did.

I shake the preacher’s hand on the way out the door. Tears well up in my eyes and I have a momentary debate whether to say anything….but I do, because some things need to be said. “That sermon? God really spoke to me in it. There are some things I need to think through and do. Thank you.” And he smiles a preacher smile. Sometimes another needs to hear as much as we need to speak.

Me and The Mister talk about the deep things that bind the two of us together on our road trip. Though we never doubt our love….some things need to be said. Sometimes it is not enough to trust and know. Some things needs to be spoken and heard. Some things need a response of tears or a simple “Me too”. Those are the things that make love grow. The simple words of love. The hows and whys are what bind us together.

I lay next to Baby Girl and stroke her hair. I tell her how much Her Boy reminds me of The Mister. We talk about love and growing up. She knows how I feel about Her Boy…..but tonight? She needs me say it. And I do. Because some things need to be said.

You see sometimes it is not enough to assume your loved ones know how much they mean to you….Some things need to be said.

Sometimes it is not a good idea to wait for a better time. Some things need to be said.

Sometimes we never have another chance. Sometimes the moment will not be as perfect as this one. Sometimes its not enough to feel the love inside our hearts. Some things need to be said.

Go now…..say what needs to be said…they need to hear as badly as you need to say it.


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