Oh Elizabeth….

Did you know that me and Uncle Wayne came up to see you this weekend? Did you know we drove all the way to your Gran’s house just so we could spend all afternoon on a lazy rainy Saturday holding you?

Did you know that it took us 5 seconds to fall in love with your little pink lips that look like a little bow and your soft silky black hair that sticks our around the gigantic bow you were wearing? Did you know that we even unwrapped your little blanket so we could see your toes that are the size of tic tacs?

Did you know that Gran and Papa C are crazy about you? I mean like….really really crazy about you? Did you know that your Gran has always taught me about being a mama? She has helped me all these years to understand that love makes all the difference. Did you know since you came she is teaching me how to be a grandma one day? She’s the best by the way…….

Did you know your Papa C is a fool over you? When he holds you there is no one else in the room. He whispers sweet little love words to you and you look up at him as if you understand every word. And I’ll just bet you do. I have a feeling Papa C would move heaven and earth for you.

Did you know that you get to be the first? Although we love all the little ones that will most certainly come after you, you are the first one and that makes you a little special? It’s been a long, long time since we all shared a baby. Did you know you have made time stop for a little while on a Saturday afternoon? Did you know that you make us want to freeze time? Did you know that when I hold you and snuggle your sweet head close I am a young mama again? I can feel that tugging in my heart that all mama’s feel when they hold a wee one close. Did you know your mama is so gentle and confident when she tends to you? Did you know that it makes me cry just a little bit this afternoon when I watched her with you? I thought about a little blond curly-headed cutie trying to climb a flag pole at my wedding. The same little girl who asked the nurse “How did you get that baby outta there?” on the day I had my first baby and we laughed then and still now at the memory? Did you know that she knows exactly what she’s doing and you are going to be fine. No, more than fine….. you will be wonderful.

Did you know that I will be your favorite aunt? Did you know that we will all snuggle in Gran’s bed when I come visit and listen to her tell Tommy stories just like she told my little girls? Did you know that you have brought back Santa to our Christmas? Did you know that the first thing I ask your Gran  when we talk on the phone these days is “How’s Lizbit?”

Yes little one, you have made our family…..and our hearts…. a little bigger. And that’s how it goes with family. The more fruit on the trees, the deeper the roots go down. You are a sweet little peach and you have made all of our roots of love dig down a little deeper.

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