Wisdom on a Wednesday

If you are facing today with no more excitement than the fact that it is “hump day’ maybe you need some wisdom. Wednesday is far from a fresh start, yet achingly distant from the weekend. So enjoy your second or third cup of Joe, look busy now  so your boss is not suspicious, sit back and enjoy a little homegrown wisdom for a Wednesday morning….Take what you want….leave what you don’t….it’s Wisdom on a Wednesday…..

1) Measure twice, cut once. The Mister is a perfectionist when it comes to building. After twenty-plus years of being his low paid assistant I have heard this phrase more times than I care to count, but it bears repeating to those of us who seem to always be rushed and live by a code of “good enough”.   Double check yourself.   More preparation at the front end brings better results at the tail end.  Just ask The Mister, he never cuts but once….but always measures twice.

2) If you don’t really want to know….don’t ask.   Big Girl and Baby Girl have taught me this oh so valuable lesson.   I am learning that unless I am prepared to acknowledge and deal with situations that are going to increase my stress I really don’t always need to know.   Much of what we are dying to know is a result of curiosity, nosiness or control. Most of it is none of our business.  You may want to ask yourself: Is this going to change anything?  Will this make me more anxious, give me insomnia, or cause me to judge or panic?  Is this something that God cannot handle on His own?  Finding the answer to these questions can give you the answer on whether to proceed with your line of questioning.  Most of the time it’s not healthy for you to keep digging.

3) Sleep is essential for your emotional, physical and spiritual health.  did you know that insomniacs weigh more, have poorer interpersonal relationships and die more commonly from heart disease or cancer than those that sleep through the night?  Insomnia is a direct result of an unmet need, a stress or a new baby.  While there are many medications that give a temporary aid to sleepless nights and putting that screaming baby in the bed next to you is a quick fix for an exhausted mother, addressing the root problem of your anxiety, either chronic or acute, is the only solution to a bleary-eyed work day.  Sleep gives us balance. Sleep repairs what gets battered and broken in our bodies, minds and spirits during the day.  While we dip down into that delicious REM place, our neurons reconnect and repair. Our subconscious does deep problem solving and our muscles replenish. Our gut rest and recharges. Our dreams help us problem solve and most importantly, God speaks blessings and sings over us while we sleep. Purification of all sorts  occur during the night hours.  So if you are not sleeping your body and mind suffer the consequences.  Sure, you may learn to adapt and function but eventually you will break down. Short term insomnia is common and usually resolves itself.  Wisdom for the chronic insomniac? Confront and process the issue that is keeping you up.  It’s worth the time and effort to deal with the stress  instead of popping an Ambien, or tossing and turning, or making everyone in your daytime life miserable with your grumpiness.  And another tidbit? There’s hardly anything a good afternoon nap can’t cure.

4)Most of the time, they just want to talk.  When I started working in mental health my mentor Rita told me, “Most of the time people just want to talk.”  That has been the truest piece of advice I have every received. Most of the time people want to talk and most of the time about themselves.  If you want to get along well with others, if you want to make friends, if you want to be well liked by your peers…listen. Ask questions about people. Act interested.  Most people love a chance to tell you about their kids, or especially their grandkids, or their job, or their ailments.  It would do you well to listen, even if this means you daydream or mentally compose your shopping list while they yammer on.  Because most of the time, they just want to talk.

5)There’s always more to the story. Another priceless jewel from The Mister.  I really think he needs to write a book. In my rush to judgment he will often say in his quiet thoughtful way, ” Well, Baby, there’s more to the story than what you see.”  First impressions can be deceiving. That sour look on the woman in line in front of you at Kroger could be because her husband slapped her across the face before she left. She is hoping she has enough money in her pocket for the $4.58 it will cost to pay for milk after he grabbed her purse and helped himself to the grocery money to buy some booze.  The nerdy guy from the tech department who comes to service your computer and has trouble making eye contact, shuffles his feet, and wear pants 2 sizes too tight?  He is really sad that he turned thirty- five last week and has never had a girlfriend.  And you? Believe it or not, you make a first impression and you never even realized someone was watching. Maybe it was right after you yelled at your kid or picked your nose waiting on the light to change. They saw you. They judged you. You would love to tell them, “Baby, there’s more to the story than what you see.”

And so, as always, we live and learn. If we are wise, we constantly change. If we are foolish we demand that everyone around us changes.

And me? I’m helping myself to a Ryals cookie and third cup of coffee, because life is short and the afternoons here at GCSU student health can sometimes be very long.




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