On a day like today

……..you move at a slower pace. You want to soak it in, to freeze frame slices of the day so you can have the picture in your mind forever.

……..you let the cool Indiana breeze blow across your face and you smile into the brilliant sunshine. You know that God’s wedding gift to two young kids is sometimes the most spectacular weather.

……..you let your big girls sleep in while you and The Mister head down to breakfast with aunts and uncles. You sit and listen and watch the faces of people you love and listen to them talk with their Virginia twang. It makes you miss a woman you never knew. You sit and watch her sister and imagine what it would be like if she were here now, today on her grandsons wedding day.

……you take a little extra time getting ready today. Pants are pressed with a sharp crease down the front and today you wear the pearls that you normally save for special occasions, because that is what today is.

…….you know that the reason for the sun coming up is celebration. A new life. A new mother. We watched and waited for a tiny baby girl to arrive and when she did, healthy and pink with dark black hair, we celebrated.

A new journey. A smiling little boy that used to kick soccer balls in my backyard on his visits to Georgia is a grown man. He is taking a wife today. She looks at him with eyes full of love. We celebrate not just them, but their families that now merge and in the intermingling, new friends are made. And today is the wedding. A celebration.

The cares of life will be set aside today. We will dance and smile. We will eat and sip some wine. We will look around into the faces of our family and feel love in their eyes.

On a day like today we understand that sometimes, in a life that is not always easy, there are days that we celebrate. Time stands still. Love and hope are heavy in the air. We breathe deep. We take a mental snapshot and freeze frame the day…..making memories as it were……

And a day like today is just such a day.


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