Don’t Overthink It

Here is a little tidbit that will bring you much freedom…..Don’t Overthink It.

Too many of us overanalyze, overplan and overthink too many things in life. Overthinking is the cousin of worry and usually only succeeds in stopping you from doing big and wonderful things or enjoying beautiful moments in life that are simple and meant only for your joy.

As Nike commercials have told us….”just do it”. Have you ever felt the nudge of God? It is that gentle prompting, or in some cases not so gentle prompting, to say something or just do an act of kindness. Before you know it you have talked yourself right out of it with thoughts of….”what will people think?” or “how can I manage that will all the other things I have to do today, I will wait until next week.” Sometimes I have even said ” what if he/she doesn’t take my words or action the right way? Will they misinterpret it?” and in that moment of hesitation the opportunity to love slips right through my fingers.
I am learning and invite you to become more spontaneous with your love, with your words of affection. Don’t worry about the outcomes just reach out and follow the promptings of the Spirit which tell you to love more.

Sometimes we overthink what others say to us. For instance, not that The Mister would ever fumble a compliment, but there have been times when I have had an opportunity to overthink something he has said. “I like a girl with meat on her bones” is meant to shower me with confidence that he finds my 45 year old love handles attractive. If I overthink it I can find myself dissecting the definition of “meat’ in that sentence and then really, what good have I done? I’ve missed the love in my sweet man’s words. Don’t overthink what people say. Don’t add to or dissect tones. It’s not worth your time and most of the time you add things that were never there to start with. What they meant to say or their intentions are really their responsibility, not yours. Don’t take it on. Stop overthinking.

Wait a minute! Maybe overthinking will save us wasted time and effort. Maybe it will save us embarrassment. Maybe overthinking is really just planning in disguise.


But maybe it’s the breaker of relationships, the ruin of perfectly good days…….the starter of arguments…….. the seed of self doubt……. the cause of loneliness for someone who today, really really needs you to say you care………

Don’t overthink it…….

Just do it!


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