That’s What Faith is For

This morning I slide in the back of the church. I am still so new not many people notice and while part of me wants to hug someone and give them a soul-searching “How are you?” the other part is still enjoying the anonymity. There is a certain peace that comes with just being and not necessarily knowing the ins and outs, ups and downs and dirty secrets of what is going on behind the scenes.   If you have never been knee deep in church politics you probably don’t understand, and if you have been, it needs no further explanation.

The man sings about what his life would be had it not been for grace. I don’t know him or his former life before Jesus, but that is not important. In the midst of sleepy early church my heart wakens to this message and I nod my head slowly as I realize “had it not been for grace”.   I slip up a hand as my heart overflows from the knowledge of this wonderful grace because it is more than I can stand to just sit there and not move to the swelling chords as he sings, “…forever running but losing the race, had it not been for grace.”

The preacher comes and like the Sundays past, leads us to John. The book and the man are becoming all to familiar as he paints the most life like picture of Jesus in the New Testament, at least in my estimation. I listen as he reads three small, tiny verse at the end of chapter 2,  I’m not quite sure how he plans to formulate an entire message from this obscure passage, but I listen as he begins to talk about faith. The preacher man paints his own picture of the modern day believer and our anemic faith, at times. How can we move mountains when we can’t commit to picking up a shovel?
He describes a weak, showy faith that sounds like a mirror description of mine. He explains how boundless and endless the supply of God’s power is for those that believe. I’ve heard it many times, in other messages from other pastors, but today, in a new way I realize moving mountains is what faith is for. If mountains do not move, what is the point? Dare we believe in an weak and anemic God that matches our pitiful faith?

We stand and sing a song that melts into my spirit as I harmonize unbeknownst to the woman singing soprano next to me. I ask God to “Have His Own Way” because there are some mountains that need moving in my life. There are some mountain sized troubles that I ignore because they seem so vast and I am so small. But the preacher man reminds me as he closes that God is “Enough” .Yes my Bible study girls, he uses that word and I know in that moment that I will pick up a shovel on the way out….God is ready to move some mountains for me and I don’t just want to sit around and watch. He does not need my help, but I need to increase my faith. Today seems like a good day to get started moving some dirt.


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