Summer Reading Program

My mother was a staunch believer in summer reading. To this day she is an avid reader and all of my sister’s and I have a deep love/obsession with reading. I’m not saying we go overboard, but there have been times when children have not been fed or bathed until we finished this chapter. Every summer we would make out way to the county library and books upon books were read/consumed voraciously.

I still love summer reading and since this summer is much, much more calm than last year, I’ve got time to read. And read I will!
Here is my summer reading list, but I would love to know what is on yours……..

1. “One Nation” by Ben Carson. You can find it here.  Ben Carson is the I wish he would run for President, because frankly if the portion of America that votes was stupid enough to reelect Obama, I’m thinking Hillary has a chance. After the Benghazi mess that literally makes me nauseous. So much for light summer reading…..

2.”Traveling with Pomegranates” by Sue Monk Kidd. You will find it here.   I love this author and I just finished “The Invention or Wings” in which I bawled like a baby. Super good. If you loved “Secret Life of Bees” you will Love “Invention of Wings” and I’m pretty sure “Traveling with Pomegranates” will be a winner too!

3.”Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. You can find it here.  I love reading….and running. I am training this summer for my third marathon and I need some inspiration. Christopher McDougall combines science and stories in this mix of his story and his realization that really, we were all born to run.

4.”The Reason For God” by Timothy Keller. You can find it here.  This guy is called “The CS Lewis for the 21st Century”. His writings are phenomenal. I did his bible study “The Prodigal God” and honestly, I’ll never read that parable again without an overwhelming sense of God’s love. Besides, reading theology is not hard, it makes you smart and if well written, makes you long to know God on a deeper level. Besides, too many of us are spiritually lazy when it comes to digging into the deep things of God. Stop filling your mind with fluff….dig deep once in a while.

5.”The Goldfinch” by Donna Tart. You can find it here.  I am going to read this for the simple reason that it is NY bestseller and its been ages since I read a “new” book. I am hoping the suspense will keep me up all night…..

What are you choosing to stimulate your mind with this summer?


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  1. diane

    Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen
    The Unwelcomed Child by V.C. Andrews
    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
    These are a few. Happy Summer reading!!

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