Only changes everything

One word can make or break the entire meaning of what you want the listener to understand. Wednesday night, I attended my beloved Bible study with my Bible study pal, Jamie. As is our custom, as soon as she gets in my car we both began to talk super fast. If you know Jamie you know what I mean. Somehow, we can both talk and listen at the same time. We take pauses every now and then to breathe, or sip our water, or look at the road while we drive. On the way home it is the same way, except this time we dissect and discuss every detail of the study.
That night as we headed north on 441 our conversation centered around a word that we both found intriguing in the study that night…..”just what”….only….nothing more….or less….
The study passage was John 12:48-49. “I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.”
When Jesus walked this earth he ONLY spoke what the Father told him to say. Jesus, the God-man who had not a hint of sin in him, ONLY spoke what the Father told him to say.

Think about that….soak it in… Turn the word over and over in your mind…..ONLY….

What if we ONLY spoke what the Father told us to say?

Jamie and I for the next few minutes dissected how different our lives would look if for just tomorrow, we only said what The Father wanted us to say. What if the only thing that crossed our lips was what The Father wanted us to say?

Where would our anger find a resting place? Would it dissolve into vapor?

What would those sour sarcastic remarks taste like as they rolled on my tongue but  stopped before my lips parted? Would I shudder as the flavor of what seemed so witty, so perfectly crafted a minute ago, now lay bitter in my mouth?

Where would I find the courage to declare right from wrong in this world of gray colored tolerance? What if people say I’m judging them? What if I do? What if they point out my own sins and call me a hypocrite? What if I only say what The Father tells me to say? To whom do I issue an apology for the fallout from that obedience?

To a woman who speaks her share of words and part of yours too, I think I just may have words to spare at days end if I ONLY said what the Father wanted me to say. I think I may say things that have not been said from fear. Big empty spaces become a type of acceptance as I look the other way and find something interesting to examine until the crowd disperses.

And would we stop praying “Father give us the words to say” because we now only say what He wants and our ears are so tuned to Him that we detect the slightest movement of His Spirit?

And what does it feel like to lie down at day’s end with no regrets? No mental do-overs and would-be erasures of those words that sent tiny stinging barbs into those we love? Barbs that “I’m sorry” can remove but leave a small scar forever?

What if I never lied? or exaggerated? or told any more half-truths? What if you could really depend on me to do what I said I would do?

When did living like Jesus become optional? When did God need me to add my 2 cents? When did I begin to know better than He about what should or should not be said?

What if I never had to struggle with “finding the perfect thing to say?”

What if I ONLY said what The Father wanted me to?

What if I really believed I had the power of Christ to do just that?

Nothing more….or less……


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