Hey Baby Girl……

Remember the morning you were born? You came in this world as bald as a cueball. You snuggled right up to me and there you stayed for the next two years. It was a happy day. Your Daddy cried and I smiled. The world was now a different place because you were in it. It was better. I was better. We all were.

Remember when I took you to Granny’s and you made me cry because you wanted to stay with her instead of leave with me? You love people in deep loyal shades of purple. I learned to be thankful you were loved as deeply by her. I was never jealous. You would always love Granny and you cried the day she died. We all did.

Remember when you crawled in bed with me and asked me to help you stop sucking your thumb? ” I want to be a big girl but it’s so hard.” You said. I held you tight and let you suck your thumb that night, before we went to the orthodontist and she put in that awful appliance in your sweet mouth that left you crying yourself to sleep. You  only cried for a night or two and suddenly you were a big girl, too big for a thumb. And I was sad. But you were so proud.

Remember when Mary Ashley would come over and the two of you would laugh and play and share secrets and fight like sisters? Every little girl needs a best friend and my, my, my you two were thick as thieves. And sometimes I would watch you in the rearview mirror of that silver van and smile at the two of you. Best friends are gifts. You two were a treasure. A once in a lifetime treasure.

Remember when you and Sissy would sleep together in bed every night? Whispering long after me and daddy were asleep? Did you know that I still smile when I hear you call her “Sissy”? Do you know that I smile when I am up early and see the two of you in each others beds, even now, and we both know it’s sissy who got scared, but it was you who snuggled her fears away? Even now it’s precious to me.

Remember when got you dressed for prom and you looked so pretty it took my breath away?  Do you remember how Daddy told your boy, ” Now you be careful with her. Drive careful”?  Do you remember how we watched daddy walk you out that night and I thought you were the two most beautiful people in all the world?

Remember how you walked across the stage to get your award tonight and in the dark theater I cried and Daddy just patted my leg and whispered. “Ahh baby, it’s gonna be alright.”?

You may not remember any of it, but I will never forget. Not one little thing. It’s forever in my mind. You are my Baby Girl. No one asked me if I was ready to let you go.

Hey Baby Girl, do you remember that I love you most of all?


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  1. diane

    A bitter-sweet time! I was so proud of them!! They are HIS. GOD will watch over them , isn’t that an encouraging thought.

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