Long runs with Leah

This morning, while it was still cool and I decided to wear my long sleeves and the Mister was still snoozing and the air was thick with the smell of honeysuckle, Leah and I did our first long run of the season. 5 miles. A year ago we would have snickered at the thought of 5 miles being a “long run”. Today we looked at each other and at the same time said ” If I need to walk you go on ahead.”  Yeah, it’s been a while and getting back in shape can be difficult but we both knew neither of us would do this alone on a Saturday morning at 7 AM.

Running in a new place can be exciting….and nervewracking.  You are not quite sure where all the big dogs live. and unexpected sites like the Georgia Power smoke stack can sneak up on you.


This morning, while setting my run tempo to the beat of LaCrae, I watched the sun come up over the trees and realized that I had already been 2 miles.  And so it is with long runs, good music and sunrises can take you farther than the digital screen of the treadmill where every mile is ticked off in accuracy.Image

We discovered hills……lots of hills…..


and when faced with a hill, you can walk it……. or run it….. It just depends on how tough you are…….

We happen to be tough girls………


when you endure with patience and refuse to quit………

when you keep your eyes on the sky and up from the asphalt that seems to be rising with each step………

when people think you are crazy for doing what you do………….


The reward is sweet….




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