Coram Deo

Tonight, in the sliver of evening that welcomes night and the last remnants of day drift away, I coaxed The Mister to sit outside with me to sit and swing for a bit.  He  humored me mostly because of the biscuits and sausage gravy I made him tonight.  Alot can be had in a marriage by perfecting the art of really, really good gravy.

While Willow made her rounds in the woods, Baxter the cat stretches out on the deck, watching for any movement along the edge of the woods where a tiny field mouse or squirrel tempts him into a chase. Finding nothing, he lays his head down and lets out one of his face swallowing yawns. He is content to stretch out and let my foot rub his belly while he drifts into twilight sleep.

Me and The Mister sit and swing the kind of slow rock where your foot never leaves the ground but the movement can give you the unwinding relaxed feeling.  One of us makes a comment and the other lazily answers “Mmmhmmm”,   too mesmerized in the rocking to form whole words.  The sun is gone and a silvery stripe is all that is left of a wonderful Sunday. No more words are really needed on a night like tonight and we sit quietly holding hands and swing, just swing… and think… and be still.

In a few weeks, the lightening bugs will be out and like a millions sparklers will light the June night, but tonight we just watch day become night until  the shadows cover us. And somehow the birds know night is coming.  They call their good nights to each other and me and the Mister rock on.  I hum a tune now that I heard in church this morning. I feel my legs heavy from the run I finished with Leah an hour earlier.

I do not miss the fact that nearly perfect days like are gifts.  I think about the preacher man this morning telling, actually begging us to “Behold The Lamb of God”. Don’t settle for a quick glance. Don’t let service be your worship, so busy that you fail to look into the face of your Savior. No, slow down and look deep into the  beauty of The Lamb. I rock on now in silence thinking of how I want to live before the face of God…”Coram Deo”. I want to tell all of this to The Mister but words fail me and we simply rock on.   The last traces of light are gone and only the porch light shines now.  The crickets begin their full force chorus and since it is April and not June, a slight chill sets in and The Mister pats me on the hand and stands up. This means it is time for him to head in and he does. But I sit for a few minutes more.

Coram Deo….I live before You even here , now in the dark because unlike the sun, there is no shadow in You.  I offer up a whisper prayer in the last bit of a Sunday night.

” I want to live in the face of God. Grant it to be so King Jesus….” and He answers me with the smallest sliver of a moon. It shines through the incoming clouds but is unmistakably His presence.  There is not a more beautiful sight than that of the waning crescent of the moon.  In that moment He speaks into my heart.

” It is my desire for you to walk before My face.  That is worship Child.”

Just as quickly the clouds obscure the sliver of the moon and all is dark and quiet. My heart is full on a spring night.


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  1. Glenda

    Stephanie, I do not leave comments (maybe I have once), but each of your writings is a blessing. THANK YOU!!!!

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