A Face to Call Home

In one of my favorite John Mayer songs, ” A Face to Call Home” he talks about how in only  a month’s time, he has fallen completely in love with this girl who  seems to bring a sense of home, a comfort of sorts.  He sings about how comfortable he feels with her, how he wants to stay a while with her and how  little by little, inch by inch, they are creating a life  together.

No offense Mr. Mayer, but you have no idea about love in one month’s time. Now, if you want to look into the face of home, the face of complete belonging, come with me. Look at the face of My Mister. His face is the face I call home.

“…..I am an architect of days that haven’t happened yet, I can’t believe a month is all it’s been……”  and when I watch him across the room full of people most younger than us, just start their journey with love and babies I smile.  He sees me and smiles too. He can’t believe it’s  been twenty two years.  And as we read each others minds and smiles, we know we have found home.

“…...little by little, inch by inch, we built a yard with a garden in the middle of it. And it ain’t much but it’s a start. You got me swaying right along to the song in your heart….”   This place we live is simple.  Now that we can afford something bigger and better, we are wiser. We know that home is not where we lay down to sleep. Home is belonging to the one we sleep with and the way our hearts are knit together. So we stay in our simple little place where we build a garden in the middle of it.  The Mister takes me on walks to check on the deer feeder or outback to  see if the rain has made the creek rise.  And one day when we sit by side in our little hut in Africa, we’ll be at home, because his face is what I call home.

“….and you never look at me like I’m a liability. I bet you think I’ve never been at all…..”  Oh Mister, I have been such a liability to you. Quick with my temper, careless with my words yet you treat me like a treasure.  Don’t think for a minute I don’t know what I have found in you, I have found home in your face.

“….Maybe I could stay a while, I’m talking ’bout all of the time….”  I’m thinking that the best place for both of us is with each other. We’ve ruined each other for anyone else.

Mr. Mayer, you expressed what my heart feels in the perfect words. The Mister is the “face I call home”


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