the door of faith, carpet of grace and view of glory

I am a visual reader and writer. Sometimes what I write down is actually played out like a movie in my mind. When I read a book, I see and know and love the characters and the events play out in places from my past. When I study Scripture I especially love Paul’s writings. He is the king of word pictures and for this woman who loves to “see” what she is reading, I can get lost in his famous run on sentences that paint a vivid paintings in my mind and brings concepts like ” justification” or “predestination” into lifelike images. That’s when you know you  are really getting it, when you can visualize the concepts.

Imagine my delight when I read this little gem of a word picture this morning from Romans 5:2

through him (Jesus Christ) we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand,

and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.”

Careful now, don’t read too fast and not see the picture unfold in front of your eyes like a card that pops open with animated clowns and bears celebrating your birthday. Take it in slowly. Repeat the words one at a time and close your eyes and just think on it for a bit…….

For a long long time you wandered along the dark hallway, trying to open doors that stubbornly remained locked. You attempted to pry the lock open with the credit card or hairpin. Sometimes when out of patience, you attempted to heave the door open with the weight of your shoulder.  Others came and went through the door and you would see glimpses of the bright lights and  the sounds of music that was so sweet it made your eyes water.  Finally, utterly exhausted you sat in the hallway, back against the wall, bare feet settled on splintery wood floor. In a mixture of despair and frustration you whispered, ” Please let me in, someone, anyone I can’t get through without some help. I give up.”

And in that moment a hand with a deep dark scar the runs all the way through the palm stretches down, lifts you to your feet and walks you to the door.  That same rough, scarred hand holds  a key. His big strong hand engulfs the small thing and with it, he opens the lock and slowly the door that up to this time kept you out, now swings open and The Man attached to that strong hand walks through.  He smiles at you and says, ” I allow access into this Holy Place and I choose you here this day to come in. If you walk through this doorway of faith I will show you what you have been missing.”

The weight of frustrations and loneliness and despair roll right off your shoulders as you leave darkness of the hallway and walk through the doorway of faith that was opened by This Man.  And as far as your eye can see is a rich thick grassy carpet of grace. Beautiful unspoiled  grace. It is thick an warm and luxurious. You are standing in grace, knee deep in the softest most glorious feeling you have ever felt. You quickly look to see if you have left tracks in the brightness of this grace, but your feet have been scrubbed cleaned. You throw back your head and laugh. This must be a dream, this vast expanse of grace.

Just being close to This Man emboldens you and you ask, “Can I run in it?”

“Yes, Child, run, dance jump in it. It never ends and it leads to the most beautiful place you have ever imagined.”

Running through the luxurious fields of grace you come close the Bright Shining Lights that reside behind the mountain.  Sunset ribbons of pink and red and gold flash across the sky and although still standing in grace you become overwhelmed with awe and it seems only fitting to kneel, then lay face down in the soft grass of grace and breathe deep gulps of air to steady yourself.

You ask,” Is it HIM?” and without The Man even answering you know it is. You wonder how you can still be here, alive in this place.

” It is HIM, but for now, you can only see the hope of what you will know one day. Yes one day… day….You will see HIM as HE is.”

Now my friend, did you see Romans 5:2?  Could you smell the scent of heaven? Could you feel the wonderful grace that allows you to stand and run and dance and jump in freedom?  Do you see HIM? The hope of what we will be one day?  Did it awe you?  There  are treasures like this waiting to be unearthed in the WORD. Dig deep, read slow, close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the beauty of His Treasure……


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