His Life for Mine


On this the night before we celebrate the Resurrection, it would do us good to sit for a minute in the weight of our sin. Maybe we are too quick to call it shortcoming. Maybe we swallow the lie that God looks past our sin because of His great love. 

The truth is, God never looks past our sin. The truth is, God only looks at us through the greatest Sacrifice.  He sees Jesus when He looks at us.  Maybe when we understand that the great darkness of our hearts is the reason for the cross, we can truly celebrate the lifegiving flow of blood that runs down His side and feet and hands…..

When I understand that He gave His life for mine, I can fully celebrate His gift of everlasting life, because He is life.  You only begin to understand the gift of life when you see the darkness in you that put Him there.

Maybe it’s not a bad thing to sit and feel the weight of your sin. Maybe that is when you feel the joy of the Resurrection.





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