Don’t overlook your miracle

We live in a society that craves drama. Look no further than your Facebook newsfeed for proof of that. Like a passerby that slows and looks at the bloody remnants of a rush hour wreck, we are inexplicably drawn to gore. Or flash. Or any superlative adjective as long as what we can witness the best, worst or most spectacular.  In a world that  lives in the throes of NCIS lifestyle, sometimes it’s good to realize that the real miracles happen right in Mayberry.

Last night, while enjoying dinner with friends The Mister said , ” If the Lord blessed me anymore than He has right now, I don’t think I could stand it.” I looked away and inspected the dinner salad in front of me so that no one would see me tear up. It’s true really. These last few weeks have been an oasis after a  long two year trudge through the desert of school,  work and isolation of sorts. I will not overlook this miracle that to anyone else may look like just life. No, to me it is a miracle.

My friend sends me a text of her children, nestled beside her on the couch watching Tom and Jerry on a  Friday night.  No one will declare this scene lifechanging or monumental. Just some boys, laughing with their mom over the antics of a cat and mouse.  That moment is the miracle. Don’t overlook it. God doesn’t always include neon signs with His works, but the faithful can see the miracle.

We pray for months  for this thing, this private quiet thing we ask of God.  One morning early she text me and the joy in her heart jumps off the screen of my phone in the words of her text. God has answered this quiet, private prayer that no one else will ever know. No one will testify this Sunday in worship for some things are not meant to be shared. But we share it and we tell Him, “You, You did this Father! We see your hand in all of this.”  There are miracles that sometimes must remain in our hearts, but they change us to the core.

Sometimes you miracle is that you made it.

Sometimes your miracle is that you are not consumed despite your stubbornness.

Sometimes your  miracles lie in that faces of your children and the arms of Your Mister.

In your adrenaline rush to see the unexplained  or to testify of the magnificent don’t stumble over your own quiet miracles. For sometimes they produce more awe in a believing heart than those miracles that come with bells and whistles. Most miracles don’t happen all at once, most happen day after day.


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