We will sing, we will dance

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when King David welcomes the Ark of the Covenent back into the Holy City of Jerusalem. He is excited, no, he is ecstatic. He forgets his royalty, or maybe just becomes more aware of it. In either event, he sheds his outer garments and dances in the streets, in plain view of everyone.  His wife, Michael is terribly embarrassed about the whole  display of raw emotion and lets him have it in no uncertain terms. (Evidently she never read  “Love and Respect” by Dr. Eggeriches.)  What she did not understand is that King David  felt an infinite overflowing of God’s goodness.

God created some people to express this in a smile, in a deep quiet knowing that He is God and His works are wonderful. In the quietness of a darkened sanctuary the stillness brings a deep sense of wonder.  For these folks, very much like my beloved Mister and Big Girl, public displays are not the avenue of wonder, instead they deeply and quietly feel. They have no need to talk about it. In fact, in their minds, talking may cheapen the sacredness of it all.

But there are others of us……….

who understand that there are times when nothing will do but to raise not one, but both hands high, spin around in the warmth of His goodness while big fat teardrops roll down our faces.  Sometimes the only thing that will allow us to withstand the outpouring of God’s lavish love is to sing at the very top of our lungs.  When we begin to see the very moving of His hand in our small pitiful lives it creates a series of waves that tumble over us and we cannot be still.  These are the times that we move our feet and spin in the stillness of the kitchen hugging The Mister.  These are the times I throw my head back and laugh because like the Mister, I know that there are no words, but unlike him my emotion will not be kept inside and erupts in waves of joy that even make him smile and we both say, “It’s all God.”

I am learning that in every situation whether good or bad in my estimation, God is good. In lacking and in abundance His name is blessed.  There are times when  my heart hurts and I despise the circumstance but my heart says “I will trust you even though I don’t understand You.”


there are days when He performs outright miracles.  There are times when He reaches down and does what you had prayed so many prayers over. He does immeasurably more than we asked for.


in those moments, nothing will do but to celebrate the joy of being His favorite daughter.  I throw my head back and laugh. I dance in the kitchen and hug The Mister.  I dance and like King David of old, I let myself just celebrate the goodness of a Father of Lights  that loves to lavishly pour out sunshine on His children.

Because sometimes that is what I will remember in the dark days, and there will be more dark days.

But not today, today we sing and we dance.


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