What’s your hurry?

Let’s go for a bike ride. There’s nothing I’d rather do on such a brilliant Sunday afternoon.  But let me warn you this is not a calorie burning, fat busting bike ride where we count the mile and figure paces and calories burned. No, that is for another day.

Today we will take it slow. We will “amble” to borrow a term from the old folks.

What’s your hurry?

Don’t rush right past these beauties……..










If you stop and watch them from the fence they will tell you that a sunny Sunday afternoon is for wandering the field and finding the bits of new sweet grass just coming up between the brown cover  They will tell you if you rush on by you will miss the warm afternoon sun and the breeze that is coming in from the south. No need for worry or hurry. It’s Sunday afternoon.

We will pedal on a little further and watch the sun dance off the lake water. If  we get off  our bikes and walk down to the shore we can hear the tiny waves lapping against the rocky shore.  In another few weeks, we will hear the sound of boats and watch skiers stand then fall and laugh until it echoes off the cove. But not today. It’s a quiet spring afternoon and all we hear is the gentle sound of water and some birds that  announce  lunchtime has come and gone.  No need to scramble and ride off just yet. Let’s sit here for a few minutes and soak up the quiet. It’s Sunday afternoon.

photo 4 (1)


A little bit further and we turn up our road.  These sassy girls with their yellow bonnets greet us and we wave back…..

photo 5

They tell us to enjoy the last bit of this spring day because before long the hot summer sun will scorch us on a Sunday afternoon and we will trade in our bike ride for a lazy afternoon nap under the air conditioning.  Instead of a gentle breeze, the sweat will bead up and roll down the sides of our faces. But not today.  Today, we will soak  up every drop of the sweetness of this day. It’s Sunday afternoon….

We come up the driveway and the unmistakable smell of hamburgers on the grill meets us. The Mister is not just a cook, he is a Grillmaster who turns hamburgers into art form. No need to rush things. He never hurries when he cooks Sunday afternoon burgers…….

photo 2 (3)

Me and you can sit on the swing here and just enjoy the view and chat about everything and nothing at all. We can  just enjoy the sun on our faces and stretch out our legs which are slightly sore in a good way from the long bike ride home.  Let’s enjoy it.  What’s your hurry anyway?   There’s only a few precious hours left in the Sunday afternoon. No need to rush…..

photo 1 (5)



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