Grace….the best gift of all

This morning on the day turn 45, I ran four miles on the treadmill.  The fact that I am not at a clinic receiving chemo,  or walking in the darkness of depression or bound up in the shackles of anxiety, or living under the oppression of meth, or crack, or alcohol was not lost on me.   But for the grace of God ……because even if I should find myself there….He is still good.

This morning,The Mister wishes me “Happy Birthday” and the fact that I am not a widow, or a single mom, or even just maneuvering though  with a partner, but rather living and loving my best friend reminds me that, it’s only the grace of God….  because even if I am alone…..God is still good.

Friends wish me well all day. I am blessed with more friends than should be allowed. I hear from my childhood friends, from different people through the years, some still close to me, others with whom I share wonderful memories. I realize that it’s another example of the grace of God. I know that even when friends leave our lives……He is still good.

Baby Girl and Big Girl text me happy birthday. The two greatest gifts given to me by The Mister, they have unraveled everything I thought I knew about parenting.  I realize the gift of these two is the grace of God to me. Everything good in them is from The Father. I realize that I can trust Him to lead them, even if it’s not down the path I choose, because even then….He is good.

It seems that we find our some of our greatest gifts from the source of all goodness. But the greatest gift? Is it grace? So much we have we don’t deserve. It’s not the gifts that is the greatest thing, because even without them, He is  still good. The greatest gift is Him.

I know now that life goes by so fast and only a few things matter……..



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