Thoughts from The Microtel off of Georgia I-75

After two years of nonstop insanity, I decided to take a well needed break from my beloved GCSU and REBHC. While The Mister exhausts the remaining bit of brain cells he has to ready himself for states boards in  class for the next few days, I am doing absolutely nothing here in scenic Tifton, Georgia. It is pouring rain on this Monday and I get to do whatever I want here in a Microtel Inn off of I-75 which you may guess is limiting.

While the entire world stops for me for the next week, my poor ADD riddled brain never slows for long and maybe out of sheer boredom, or perhaps my inability to truly relax, but most likely my inability to sit and watch TV I will share some of my thoughts from…you guessed it….the Microtel off of Georgia I-75.

There was absolutely no source of protein whatsoever on the breakfast bar. Apparently mass quantities of carbs equals the breakfast of champions and no one makes allowances for the girl in room 128 who needs to count calories and would really like a scrambled egg. So it’s a cup of coffee an apple and the rest of The Misters protein bar….

Daytime television only reinforces why I never watch. The overabundance of Cialis and Ab-Blaster commercials just tells me that daytime TV is reserved for chubby older men who are desperate to revive their younger days. Embrace it gentlemen, aging is not for the weak of heart.

Mr. Bryan, in my professional opinion “drinking a beer” will not help your emotional grief and only serves as avoidance of the source of your woes. Use of substances to avoid reality will only create a cycle of self medication that will end badly. Go find some pants that fit, it will erase that grimace on your face and the day will seem more manageable when you are comfortable. If this does not help, call my office and schedule an appointment, we will talk.

Microtel WiFi is sketchy at best.

Forever and always I love to read Desiring God blog. Everyday. It’s a habit. Today’s post is a beautiful introduction to St. Patrick. Apparently he was a first century missionary with 2014 tactics. Read all about it here:

I am not a good relaxer. There is only so many conspiracy theories regarding the missing Malaysia plane I can listen to on Fox News. I’m going on a walk around the parking lot since The Mister told me I was not allowed to walk very far. Now that is one thing I am good at…..stretching the limits of The Mister’s instructions. I think the TJ Maxx down the street is within the limits of “not too far”


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