You can’t make old friends

Kenny and Dolly say that you can’t make old friends and I think I agree……

I have been blessed with so many friends in my life……. I met her when I was young nurse, full of dreams of healing the world and solving the problems of the hurting, back before reality called the shots.  She sat her with her dad, my patient. I loved her instantly with her bouncy blond hair and big smile.  I became her friend and then her family when I married her brother………

You can’t make old friends. You cannot trust someone new to sing the harmony parts with you as you ride along the winding roads of North Georgia unless it is someone who has sung those words a hundred times before.  She knows how to hit the high notes and when I need to add the echoes. It would not sound the same with anyone else.

You can’t make old friends. A new friend has never held your newborn baby, the new baby that came from her brother and his love and now this new life is her family and she loves that bundle of red headed curls and later the bundle of baldness almost as much as her own.  Twenty years later she reminds her old friend that everything is gonna be alright.
You can’t make old friends, because only old friends walk through the hard days of figuring where Dad should go and taking him out years later, putting him in the ground next to his wife and letting them go.

Only old friends hold hands and cry and maybe laugh through those days. Old friends understand that sometimes you don’t understand why you are scared and you really don’t have to because they just know. They sit by you and listen. Sometimes they make you realize what an idiot you are, other times they threaten anyone who comes near you when you are in such a  state.

My old friend has seen me at my best and worst and loved me all the way in between.  We share a hundred jokes and a thousand more secrets. I know her Facebook password, she knows how much I weigh.   She reminds me that her brother married up and I remind her she raised two of the most amazing young adults in the world.

I have many friends……but you just can’t make old friends.

I love you Lynn, my old and dear friend….. Who else could tell me I’m wrong? Who could tell me the truth like you do? Who knows the ends of my stories? Oh, there are lots of people in my life that I love….but you can’t make old friends. It was you and me since way back when and you just can’t make old friends.


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