Mental Health Wednesday

Here is some free therapy. Take what you want, leave what you don’t……

1.Not everyone will like you in this life. When you figure this out you gain the freedom of not having to try so hard.

2.Be nice to the “little people”. The ones that you think don’t count actually keep your world spinning.

3.Put your phone in your purse in the backseat when you drive. It’s not that important.

4.When someone asks you how they can pray for you, tell them. To not share your soul is to cheat both of you.

5.Don’t live on “what-if” street. It’s a make believe place that will only cause you anxiety.

6.Wait before you rescue your child. Give them time to figure it out on their own.  You do not need to be their Savior it will stunt their spiritual growth.

7.Drink your morning coffee from your good china cup. Life is short.



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