Seeing Jesus

When the Gentiles came to Andrew in John 12 and asked to see Jesus they got a very surprising answer:  Die.  Die to self. Abandon your dreams and plans.

I would like to see Jesus in my life, not the Jesus I have constructed through the years. I fear I have created one that turns his eye to my repeated sin. He is a  Jesus that seems to be silent and weak. He is a Jesus that disappointed me with unanswered prayers, a Jesus that did not complete the plans I had for myself, a tolerant Jesus; more lamb than lion.

“When you did these things and I was silent, you thought I was exactly like you…” Psalms 50

This God of my design is safe and small. He allows me to find satisfaction in a million ways in this life and quietly waits for my Sunday morning offering, and I am not satisfied with this Jesus I have created……..

“Our God comes and will not be silent, a fire devours before Him and around Him a tempest rages…” Psalms 50

I need an unsafe, terrifyingly huge God.  I need to see a God that has limitless power. I need a God that overwhelms and shocks me into silence. I need a God that is a Creator, not the created object of the mind.  I need a God that will defy logic. One that demands unfaltering allegiance. I need a God that causes me to sit in silence, with my hand over my mouth.

“I will deliver you and you will honor me….” Psalms 50

When I seek the true God, his blinding brightness brings me to my knees. He exposes the dark places of my heart. He demands that I forsake everything to follow Him. I am small and He is huge: no, not just huge, He is everywhere….. in and through all things. The reckoning of this God causes wonder mixed with fear. I tremble knowing He is near. Not for one second does it occur to me to question Him. He owes me no explanation.

Would you see Jesus? Would you know Him if you saw Him? Would your Jesus change your life?


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  1. diane

    This was good. I’ll visit again.

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