Pressing in and pressing on

Tonight in Bible study, sitting between two of my Bible study buddies (which by definition means that at any given time I nudge you on the leg and say things like “Ooooh, that was really good!” or ” Oohhh remind me to tell you something later.”  because being quiet through Bible study is very difficult for me. In fact, I was almost kicked out of Bible study once, just ask my friend Heather Schulze for the whole story on that one) I heard a verse for the first time. As you may know, I love word pictures and this verse nearly exploded off the screen and into real life……

Hosea 6:3

Let us know, let us press on to know the Lord. His going out is as sure as the dawn.  He will come to us as the showers,  as the spring rains that shower the earth.

I immediately said to my Bible study pal on my right, “Oh we totally have to memorize that one” , then I proceeded to star and circle it in my book as if I would forget it.  I sat there and listened to the speaker unpack this gem of a verse and maybe it’s because I have been missing Women’s bible  study so much, or maybe it’s because Jesus has been especially sweet over the last few days, but I listened and the big tears that had been trying to escape all day found their way down my face and my Bible study pal, well, she just smiled because she has seen me cry more times than she can count…..

“Let us know” …… Hosea invites us to really get to know this God. Not a hearsay, not a my-preacher-says way or a true truth that has become so familiar, I have lost the real meaning of it.  No,  Hosea asks us do we really want to know the meaning of this God, the live it out meaning, the change my life meaning.

This knowing means I will press on. I will really work at it, struggle over it, fight to know Him. Why the struggle? It doesn’t come easy. This knowing will be bought with sweat and tears, with wrestling with Scripture.  Knowing is found in stillness and not the doing. Really knowing Him can only be rooted up out of the deep earth of Scripture. It won’t  be easy. There are many good distractions, but to really know Him, to press on in knowing Him, I have to dig deep in the dark black rich soil of the Word.

As I dig my roots deep in the places that require more than a skimming of words, but rather a  musing over phrases, I will ask God to open my spiritual eyes to see what is really there, in that place the seeds of knowing Him are sown.  And this seed is warmed by the dawn of God’s grace that is sure.   The showers of understanding cover us and the seed of knowing Him grows into the tree of loving Him.

And like David, we begin to desire Him more than our daily bread. We want him with unquenchable thirst and the things of this earth will grow strangely dim… the light of His glory and grace….



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