If you’re lucky enough….

If you’re lucky enough to drive the back roads on a Saturday night,

photo 1 (3)

Belly full of dinner and heart full of love for the prettiest man in Putnam County who happens to be holding your hand and happy that he slows to let you take a picture of the sunset or to point out six deer grazing in the field,

photo 2 (1)

If you notice that God is especially artistic tonight as He draws His paintbrush across the skies,  if you are not worrying about tomorrow or thinking back to yesterday, but instead just living in this moment….here….now…

photo 3

If you understand that riches are not found in the bank, but are found in the days and evenings like these,when you sing along to “Solid Gold Saturday nights” on the radio and smile because you know The Mister is taking the long way home on purpose…….

photo (12)

Then you are lucky enough………

Almost as lucky as me…….


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