Thinking thoughts about me

“How amazing are your thoughts concerning me!”

Psalms 139:17

To be amazed at God’s thoughts about me, I would have to acknowledge that indeed, The Creator bothers to  think of me at all. The very idea that the One who controls the rising of the sun until the going down of the same would think of a woman who is merely one of millions is a bit far fetched.

And yet, this morning, He bends near to catch the bits of a mumbled prayer that come from my sleep fogged mind and rolls out of my mouth in a bit of a jumbled string of words. I ask for simple things, but ones that are needed to prove to me He cares and thinks of me. I ask Him to do more than just be near, I ask Him to announce His presence in a way that makes me stop and KNOW He is here, close enough to touch, near enough to feel the presence of other world.

And he answers……..

in the faces of people who are meeting Him in deeper darker trials than me and lift their hands to testify He is enough…… and that is His thoughts towards me.

in the singing of The Mister’s favorite song, sung I suspect just for him this morning. The Mister is the one who never asks for signs but keeps moving forward with less doubt than I.  He takes my hand in worship while they sing “The Anchor Holds”…………and that is His thoughts towards me.

in the preaching of the beloved book of John. Perhaps that Father already knew my need to hear from John. And we look deep into the Word to see that Jesus is the light, from the beginning and comes to bring life. In this moment, He commands me to look into His face and acknowledge that He is trustworthy. The Light of Who He is shines in the darkened places of my heart…….and that is His thoughts towards me.

His thoughts towards me, about me, surrounding me are meant to draw me deep into His love.  He seeks to refocus my gaze into the face of The Light.  He not only gives signs, he comes and sits next to me, takes my hand in His and whispers to me, ” It doesn’t take a monument of faith, only a mustard seed and that can cause all sorts of mountains to crumble. Don’t forget where you have come from, where I’ve  brought you and where we are going still.  I am enough for the parts of you that still struggle with unbelief.”

He answers my request for a sign, a proof of sorts.  He opens up a window of Light. He shines on the places that need the warmth of Him and I am thankful for His patience with my questions.


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