He will be faithful

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sings it to me as I start out my walk this morning.( Call me old-fashioned, but there is a soft spot in my heart for choirs, harmonies and a symphony. While I love P&W, nothing says “Speak to me, Jesus” like a full choir and the bass bringing in harmony in the chorus so loud it shakes your teeth.)

I round the corner as the early morning mist covers my face and I hear…..”when the future’s unclear and all that I can do is wait….”
I propel myself forward instep with the next line…….”there is a promise echoing in my heart…”

And to myself I say, “Yes, Lord, let me know that the promise is true. I need to know that this morning. I need to know that I can trust You.”

And speaking to me through hundreds of blended voices, the answer comes…”He will be faithful to the end…”

Ah yes….. and the strain in my heart calms as I remember that He has promised not to drop me midway. I remember that He has promised to complete what He begins.

A slow smile spreads across my face and my walk becomes a slow jog as the next verse begins. My mind begins to recount the times this year that He made a way, when there seemed to be no way….” He will provide time and time again…”

Now tears cloud my eyes, but since I know this route by heart I don’t wipe them away. Instead, I just let them roll down my cheeks while I listen to the choir continue to sing…..”There is grace I can’t measure, mercy I don’t deserve, there’s forgiveness that endless for me….” And I know that I don’t deserve  Him, or the deepness of His love, or even this air I inhale, or the rain that washes me.

Washed in the rain and in His love, I raise my hand as I run. I’m alone now and I begin to sing with them, in little short gasping breaths….”and He will be there when all else fades. His love is stronger than my pain. He will be faithful to the end.”

I slow to a walk up the drive and Willow trots to meet me. I stop and kneel to breathe in her furry scruff and let the last lines fade….” I’ve learned that I can trust Him, He’s so faithful, faithful to the end.

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