Walking and talking

Today, on the way home from worship I asked The Mister:
“What if someone has said something bad about you. How do you fight that? How do you prove that it’s not true?”

The Mister stared out the window for a minute, watching the cows grazing in the pasture. He was silent while he thought. The he said:
“Well, you don’t. You just let your actions speak louder than your words.”

It was pretty quiet for the rest of the ride home. I let his words sink in. He is not much of a talker, especially compared to me. He never has the urgency to make people understand his view. Unlike me, he realizes that few people really care about much more than their own agenda. To take on the burden of proving your value is ridiculous. Instead he just lives life quietly, one day at a time. He does not waste words. He would rather show you than tell you.
He understands the cheap value of words and the immense burden of proof that comes with living out love of family, love of God, trustworthiness, character.

My heart is lighter after our talk. Maybe I won’t worry about what is said or not said. Maybe I will walk on in the light of Christ as the preacher urges us this morning. Maybe I will renew my mind in God’s love and walk it out. Maybe walking is much more important than talking.

Thank Mister. You always know just how to tell me to be quiet and get busy without ever hurting my feelings.


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