sunrise in seconds


She sends me a text this morning with a picture attached of a brilliant full moon. It is setting over her house and she attaches this message:

Thankful for the bright, glowing, full moon….at 7:00am! #1000gifts

We are purposeful these days to look for blessings, gifts really, in the ordinary and let our hearts rest in them instead of the swirling upheaval all around.  Minutes later she sends me another text that makes me sit down and take a deep breath:

“A mere 10 minutes later the sky is light. No wonder God is teaching us to appreciate the moments…….they are gone so quickly.”

And just like that, I think about the moments that slip through my fingers like sand and how I wish them away, brushing them off against my pants leg, cursing their grainy feel at the present time.

Like children who can’t sleep…won’t sleep in the middle of the night. Take a breath, hold them close, you have the rest of your life to sleep mama.

Like the like the eye roll and heavy sigh of a seventeen year old as she begrudges answering my prying questions. Take a breath, hug her close, even as she stiffens against me. She wants, no needs, that hug and so do you.

Like the busy mornings where coffee is spilt on clean pants and gas tanks are on empty. Take a breath. Taste the coffee and scrounge the bottom of your purse for that $10. These are days to feel productive. Soon we will wonder why we are a burden to those we love.

Like rough patches in marriages, like life cycles of churches, like relationships that seem to need a lot of work, these all are a moment.

So I look out the window and text Jamie back to remind her that the beauty is not in the moment its but in the beauty of the turning of night to day. Dark to light. Chaos to calm.  The moments pass. Enjoy or endure because the moment is just that….a moment.

Thanks Jamie, for reminding me that there is beauty, and so then, gratefulness for every moment. And in this moment, I am thankful for you!

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