His eye is on the sparrow….and the squirrels


She comes every morning just as the sun comes up and if I can keep Willow still, we watch her from our chair. As I sip coffee and Willow hopes for a crust of my toast, the little sparrow eats her breakfast from the feeder. It is mesmerizing to watch. She has not a care in the world, except for maybe to keep an eye open for Baxter the cat. He is usually on the hunt for field mice this time of morning and rarely bothers this little girl eating breakfast. When she is through eating what she wants and flipping what she doesn’t on to the porch rail below, she flies off. With her belly full, she soars high up on the branches of the oak tree next door and begins her wake up call to her sisters.

Like clockwork, this guy finds his way to sit on the porch railing and cleans up the mess.  He is obnoxious and irritating.  I watch him scavenge the rest of the seeds and this is usually when, if she notices, Willow give a bark as if to say, ” Go on you useless squirrel, get off our porch now.” Then licks me on the face to tell me she’s taken care of our bothersome intruder.



And this morning it dawns on me…….

His eye is on the sparrow……

His beloved children have no need to worry. Every. Single. Thing. is covered.

Gotta bill to pay and no money in the bank? No problem, He can handle it.

Sick? He is the Great Physician.

Scared? He is Your Comfort and never leaves.

Facing huge decision that leave you breathless at the consequences? He is already in your future waiting on you.

And just like that, this sweet little sparrow, ( although I may have misjudged her species but for sake of Scripture lets just say she is a sparrow) He sees and knows what you need, so stop your worrying….

He watches over the squirrels as well. See, the thing about God is, He loves and cares for those irritating ones in life as well : the thankless, the ones who seem to mooch of society, the rabble raisers and the con artist, the ones we have no use for.  And sometimes, at different times, I am much more a squirrel than sparrow. I snatch blessings out of His hands. I bully the ones who may not be as quick or as smart as me. I find ways to create more chaos than I do to sing early morning praise….

And yet……

Every morning and all throughout the day He leaves trails of seeds. He watches over me, roots for me and doesn’t seem to be surprised at my plans to chew a hole right through anything standing in my way. He waits on me and does not treat me according to my worth.

So in keeping with The Fathers love, I make Willow stay in with me. She won’t be allowed to chase the squirrel this morning. Today, we show a little grace, just like our Father.


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2 responses to “His eye is on the sparrow….and the squirrels

  1. diane

    I’ll visit again! So like me!! May you have a blessed day!

  2. Linda

    Okay guys and girls, not sure if Stephanie is writing or Wayne but which ever if your career in nursing stops for any reason I’m sure you have another career in writing!

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