Because you can’t underline on a smartphone

For several years I have preferred my online Bible, specifically my smartphone bible app. I feel very urban and hip as I scroll through my bible app and stop to quickly switch to another version mid reading. I left my big ole red bible at the house in favor of my sleek iphone that I can pop out in one hand and flip screen to twitter along with the sermon if I feel like it. This is 2014 after all, and convenience is key.
The Mister has always strongly disapproved of my cell phone use in God’s House. When I offered to download the Bible on his phone he just snorted and said, ” I like to use a real Bible in church” and gave me a look as if I had suggested he wear his ball cap into the sanctuary.

This morning, I sat in my chair, with my coffee and iphone, scrolling through my favorite John Piper devotional and then flipped over to my bible app which for some reason would not open. I laid the phone on the table and reached down for that big ole red Bible and opened it to Romans 8 to pick up where I left off.

I found a treasure.

Criss-crossed over the pages were arrows, circle, clouds and crosses. Notes were scribbled into the margin.  I am hyper- expressive in every way and I have never been shy about marking up a bible to help me understand.
I found a note in Romans 8 from a sermon my mentor, Andy Hall, preached years before beside vs. 18.  I found adamant circles around the words in verse 5.  I found “Yes! Yes!” scribbled in beside vs. 28.  I took a walk down memory lane of sorts. It was sweet and convicting.

There in the quietness of a Tuesday morning, I decided maybe I need to do less tweeting and more underlining.  Maybe what I learn is more important than what I say. Maybe it’s time to get out that big ole red bible and tote it into church and find some of my Kay Arthur pens and get to work on marking up my Bible. I miss it, and after all…..

you really can’t underline on your smartphone…….



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