The gift and the Giver

For a few weeks each year, if seems as if all of us turn our hearts towards thanks. For most, a list of thanksgiving is endless.  A quick look on our beloved Facebook will give long lists of blessing for people counting the days of November in thankfulness.  And those lists are a beautiful reminder of HIs unending goodness.

For others, the list does not come quite so easily.

Hard to find thanks for husbands that walk out or create chaos when they stay.

When your child loves their drug of choice more than you, thankfulness is difficult.

Thankfulness is choked by empty places around the table this year.

Thanks is sometimes scarce in the face of life-altering diagnoses.

Where is  a place for thanks when hearts still leak blood from deep wounds?

and yet……..

as His children we are guilty of loving the gift more than the Giver.

He calls us to remember and give thanks for every blessing in the Heavenly places.

Grace…..that gives us what we could not obtain for ourselves…..salvation…acceptance….adoption.

Mercy….that rescues us on the edge of destruction and lifts us up to a sure solid place where our feet can grip, and the traction allows us to stand and look around.

Hope……that tells us it is worth everything here, for what He has there.

And perhaps that greatest is Love.

He gives us Himself, the greatest gift.

Our greatest thanks is for Who He Is. Not what He does. Not for His benefits that He calls us to remember.

And as we enjoy every blessing He lavishes on us, may it cause out hearts to yearn in a deeper way to know this God. A God, who is blessed when he supplies and when He withholds. A God who is good in life and death.  May we learn the beauty of loving the Giver far more than His gifts.





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