My LaFavorite


Dear Lauren,
I was trying to remember the first time I met you and I can’t really be sure, but I think it was a Wednesday night when I dropped off a shy little red haired girl and her sister, who was probably sucking her thumb, at the children’s wing at Sinclair Baptist Church. I remember you taking their precious little hands and giving me a wink and saying, “We are going to have fun.” and they did, and I immediately liked you.

While I am not your mama, (and you don’t need another one, Ramona is a gem!) I have watched you grow up over the years and this morning, on your birthday I want to tell you I am immensely proud of the woman God is making out of you. He gets all the glory and that is something the two of us have learned the hard way!

I love to watch you with your boys, all three of them. You taught me how to trust God when things are hard. You taught me how to let go of what I have no control of and just trust. You taught me it’s OK to not like my circumstances, but to deeply love the God who is holding all together. Thank you for that my friend.

I love your heart for ministry. You love others, usually the ones no one else cares much about, with a deep love that pays their light bill or brings them groceries and school supplies, or even rounds up enough second hand and brand new stuff to fill an apartment for a single mom and her kids. If I had a dime for every time I have seen you telling Bible stories to snotty nose, dirty kids, letting them sit in your lap and play with your hair so you could tell them they are loved by God……

I love it that you take care of me. I am valuable to you and you take good care of our friendship. Did you know that is rare? I have lots of friends, but I have only a few soul sisters, less than the fingers on my left hand, and you are one of my dearest. You love me and I know that. Precious are the few who understand our tears. They are gifts to us from The Father.

I don’t see you as much as I’d like these days, but I love you more than I did that Wednesday night when you promised to take good care of my girls. I have seen you grow and fall more in love with Jesus. I’m so thankful for you sweet girl. This morning I prayed a blessing over you, my LaFavorite…..

Happy Birthday and I love you!



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