Do you promise?

Hey Mister,
These first twenty-two years have worked out pretty good, well, except for that one time when I was 8 months pregnant and jumped out of your truck because I was so mad at you for……well I really can’t remember now why I was so mad, I just remember I was mad as a wet hen. Or the time I tried to burn you with my curling iron and you put me in the cold shower to cool me down…… Yeah besides those two time  things have gone pretty well….
I’d like to try to make twenty-two more but there are  a few things you need to promise me…..

Do you promise……

….to learn to drink coffee so we can hang out at coffee shops?
….build me a cabin in the mountains?
….take my grandbabies camping and to Disney World and let them sleep between us when they come to Nanny and Pops house?
…..take me to Africa on the Mercy Ships, and maybe let me bring a little boy from the Congo home with us?
…..take my blood pressure when I complain of a headache and talk about blood and guts at the end of the day?
… act like you cannot see the twenty pounds I have added to the backside of me and instead tell me how pretty I am?
…..sing to me in the car,  making ridiculous rhymes out of my favorite song?
… tell me I am not allowed to worry about Big Girl or Baby Girl for the rest of the day?
….not let me have my way too much and ignore me when I pout, but still snuggle me up when you know I am mad at the end of the day?
…..give me sweet anniversary cards that make me cry even though I never remember to get you one?

Because if you promise me you this I think I am ready to give the next twenty-two years a go……

You are the best thing that ever happened to me….

I love you….

Your girl


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