Choose mercy



Sometimes life finds us at a crossroads. One way is the path of what is right, standard policy, the path for following the rules. This path leads to order, a definable outcome and justice for all.

The other way is the path of mercy.

If you are given the choice, I beg you, choose mercy.

Make no mistake, a life without rules leads to utter chaos, an “only the strong survive” mentality.

No, I speak to those times when choice is given to you: Justice or mercy. And in the words of James, “Mercy triumphs over justice.” (James 2:13)

Mercy looks in love at the one who has failed to meet the standard and cannot or maybe will not and says,

” Let’s find a way to make this work.”

“The policy is important, but not more important than your grief.”

“Because you are my friend, sister, son or daughter I want to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.”

“How can I show you how much I care?”

The rules are an indisputable constant in this life. They are there to be followed and bring order everyday of our life. But Mercy? Mercy only comes around once in a great while. Don’t blow your chance.

Because Mercy said, “Let me die… you can live.” And He did. And he calls us to do the same.

Choose mercy. You will never be more like The Son than when you extend mercy.

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